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Toots Sweet (singer/songwriter)... is a New York City original. The only Patria Urban Funk Rock artist. Toots combines his passion for music with his love of country to create a refreshing new sound with a powerful message. He creates an “urban” rock funk sound that is uplifting, rhythmic with memorable hooks that will entice your mind and awaken your soul. His music communicates a message that is in sync with the beliefs and passions of Liberty that is respected by both young and old, from rural farms to urban city streets. Be warned though… if you do not love America you may find his lyrical content extremely offensive.

Toots has marched at the 9/12 events down in Washington DC in both 2009 & 2010 in support of a responsible limited Federal Government and to put a stop to the out of control spending. 
His CD release of
‘Takin’ Back America’ in 2010 with songs as “We The People”, “Soldier Boy”, “Culture of Corruption” and “That's My Girl Lady Liberty”, has received much praise. In a recent interview by Joe Ardis of RNN he was quoted as saying "Toots Sweet is the funk master and the real deal... He's so tenacious about what he believes in, yet so warm and approachable”. Lisa Mei Norton from Big Hollywood stated that Toots Sweet has a “unique and very entertaining musical style that grabs you from the first note and keeps you hanging on ’til the very end”. 

Toots is currently working on his second album
‘Liberty Manifesto’ to promote the cause of Freedom with an anticipated release date of March 2012 with songs the 'End Game' and 'Keep Hope Alive'. Toots understands that music and the arts play a critical role in motivating and capturing the beliefs and passions of all people. Thus Pop Culture can play an integral role in changing the hearts and minds of many as we have seen occur by other movements in the past like Bob Dylan in the 1960’s and Bob Marley in the 1970’s. These movements were quite effective so if ‘We The People’ are to make a lasting difference in the minds of Americans we need to embrace music and the arts that promote Liberty. So please check out the Cool Sites links (under Cool Extras) and help spread the word and know that as our country is losing its way, Toots will continue writing songs to help restore American Exceptionalism to a country that was founded on Freedom and the belief in the greatest minority on earth, the Individual.

Hey this is Toots… “
I truly appreciate your support, it means more than you know. So Keep on keepin' up the good fight, spreading the truth, cause this party is just gettin' started and together let’s take back America one song at a time”.
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