Puttin' my Toots Sense in.....

""Every time you compromise with a liberal, you compromise America"..~toots sweet~

"Achieving freedom is just like giving birth, they both come with labor pains"..~toots sweet~

“It’s not EVIL to be wrong because you were stupid, it’s EVIL to realize you were stupid & not admit you were wrong”.. ~toots sweet~ 

“A wise man is guided by logic & reason, a religious man is guided by faith, a young man is guided by emotions & feelings, a liberal democrat is blindly guided by hate”..  ~toots sweet~ 

 “You’re much wiser being college uneducated, then to be a college educated idiot”.. -toots sweet~

 “The more you learn about Nazis, the more you begin to realize today’s democrats are literally reincarnated Nazis”.. ~toots sweet~

"If America were Samson,  liberal democrats would be Delilah"..~toots sweet~

"Those with shit for brains, always seem to have  diarrhea of the mouth"..~toots sweet~

"They say only the good die young, so don't take it personally if i act like an asshole"..~toots sweet~

 "Compromise is not the solution to the problem, it is the problem".. ~toots sweet~

"Instead of wasting time complaining bout the weather, dress accordingly"..~toots sweet~

"You can question ones love, ones faith and ones loyalty, but freedom is not up for interpretation"..~toots sweet~

"People who say today's democrats aren't creating any new ideas, haven't been paying attention to all the innovative ways liberals replicate bullshit"..~toots sweet~

"When you're not happy unless you're mad about something, you're offended by everything"... ~toots sweet~

"America was built on hard work, sacrifice and the basic understanding of freedom, none of which are achieved through compromise"..~toots sweet~

"Compromise is always the suggestion of those with the least to lose and the most to gain"..~toots sweet~

"You only compromise with friends, family and loved ones, never with opponents in sports, war or politics"..~toots sweet~

"When you compromise your principles to compromise, neither side is ever satisfied"..~toots sweet~

"Only like minded people with the same good intentions and common principles compromise"..~toots sweet~

"If not for intellectual dishonesty liberals would have no intellect at all"..~toots sweet~

"When you want to understand the principles of freedom, read quotes from our founding fathers..When you want to understand the principles of progressive liberalism, read quotes from Stalin, Lenin, Mao,  Marx and Hitler"..~toots sweet~

"Liberals and Nazis are only separated by semantics, one wanted world domination the other seeks global governance"..~toots sweet~

"Judges acting like political pundits should have all their cases reevaluated & then they themselves  prosecuted"..~toots sweet~

 "America's First Amendment Right to a Free Press doesn't protect Nazi style liberal propaganda".. ~toots sweet~

"i'd rather get burnt trusting someone, then spend my entire life suspicious of everyone"..~toots sweet~

"Bigotry isn't defined by party affiliation, it's defined by lack of character and self reflection"..~toots sweet~

"One of the greatest talents known to man is the ability to communicate what you want to people who ain't listening to a word you say"..~toots sweet~

"Liberals try to turn nationalism's love of country into a bad thing to distract from the fact the Nazis were socialists".. ~toots sweet~

"After Trump wins in 2020, America's gonna party like it’s 1945".. ~toots sweet~

"A piece of shit never tales a stand, it just gets stepped on, pointed at or flushed down the toilet"..~toots sweet~

"Pure evil is such that looks directly in your eyes while intentionally deceiving you"..~toots sweet~

"You'll never be interested in the TRUTH, if the LIE makes you happy"~toots sweet~

"If ever given the opportunity to gain power again, today's Democratic socialists will give a brand new meaning to what future generations perceive to be pure evil".. ~toots sweet~

"Liberalism is the hypocrisy of pure EVIL".. ~toots sweet~

"The interesting thing about talking politics with those on the left, is I always know more about the evil ideology they subscribe to then they do".. ~toots sweet~

"The political ignorance of those who lean left is second only to those who look to them for political knowledge"..~toots sweet~

"its always better to be obsessed over, then to be obsessed with"..~toots sweet~

"Imperfections are beautiful when they're in a perfect place"..~toots sweet~

"History is so important to understand for many reasons, but most important of all is because EVIL always looks to repeats it".. ~toots sweet~

"I lived life as if each day were my last, but now that I'm older and still alive.  i wish I'd planned a bit better for my future".. ~toots sweet~

"Time is the prism for achievement and understanding , wasting time achieves nothing anyone will ever understand"..  ~toots sweet~

“Those who are easily manipulated by headline news & politically educated by the opinion of others, are the same as those throughout history who were the foot soldiers blindly marching towards their own demise” ~toots sweet~

 “Today/s liberal democrat reincarnated nazi party really do put da dick in dictators”.. ~toots sweet~

 “If you wanna have fun in life make life fun”.. ~toots sweet~

 “It’s a wiseman who always searches for TRUTH, it’s those who avoid TRUTH who are fools, it’s a conman who always twist the TRUTH, but only a coward never admits being LIED too”.. ~toots sweet~

 “All the political knowledge of those of us who THINK is acquired through personal  research and independent thought, while all the political knowledge obtained by those who refuse to THINK is acquired from the same political party they blindly support”.. ~toots sweet~

 “To figure out the evil culprit behind every tragic politicized event, simply ask yourself this old Italian saying … chi ne ha tratto beneficio”. ~toots sweet~

 “When you let others THINK for you, their LIES become your TRUTH, leaving TRUTH available ONLY to those who CRITICALLY THINK for themselves”.. ~toots sweet~

 “When you THINK about it the TRUTH is only available to those with the ability to CRITICALLY THINK”.. ~toots sweet~

"Fuck political correctness, say it load, say it proud and fear nothing"..~toots sweet~

"When truth comes knocking at the door, some will answer it, some will ignore it and some won't be home, but unfortunately most will chase it off their property"..~toots sweet~

"Tears are the most misunderstood thing about a women, charm is the most misunderstood thing about a man".. ~toots sweet-

"Liberal radicals don't speak passionately for freedom, they unwittingly speak passionately for  oppression"..`toots sweet~

"Incompetence is colorblind"..~toots sweet~

“The only way to end liberalism is to force liberals to live by their own rules”... ~toots sweet~

"There's nothing worse then justifying the comfort of a  miserable life, with the perceived knowledge there's someone out there worse off then you"..~toots sweet~ 

"It's just as important to learn from your mistakes, as it is not to get discouraged from your failures"... ~toots sweet~

"It's important to be smart about the decisions you make as long as you don't over think them"… ~toots sweet~  

"Ignorance is bliss, until you become the victim of your own stupidity"..~toots sweet~

"Your past is like a long distance  runner  who if you don't come to peace with will one day catch up to you"..  ~toots sweet~

"Liberals are so underhanded even the devil feels cheated by all the worthless souls they sold him"..~toots sweet~

"Instead of attacking your opponent with talking points ,  understand your opponents talking points better then your opponent".. ~toots sweet~

“The left prides itself on compassionate, caring, loving and tolerance, unless of course you're anatomically correct”..~toots sweet~

"More  knowledge can be gained by listening to opposing views , then preaching to the quire"...  ~toots sweet~

"Most good deeds unfortunately go unnoticed, but never to the recipient". ~ toots sweet ~

"To unite people of all different races, creeds, religions and orientations is the most difficult task to achieve,which is why the liberal left choose to divide us"..~toots sweet~

"Words often have many meanings, unlike intentions which are either good or evil"…~toots sweet~

“You don’t negotiate with those wanting to take away the freedoms you’re trying to keep”.. ~toots sweet~

"Free Speech is always under attack and constantly in jeopardy because the LEFT is threatened by it and the RIGHT doesn't defend it"..~toots sweet~

"More than stupidity, gullibility, and insecurity..  Fear is most abused by authority and usually embraces the other three"... ~toots sweet~

"You cant achieve success by justifying failure".. ~toots sweet~

"Never confuse the respect those receive from their nobel actions with the lack there of, from simply winning a popularity contest".. ~toots sweet~

“The liberal lie is as perpetual as the sunrise and predictable as the sunset”..~toots sweet~

"It's extremely important to understand the underlying agenda of every political party's ideology, because once that party comes to power those beliefs become reality"..~toots sweet~

"When you go down a really dark hole you end up in a really dark place"..~toots sweet~

"When you talk too much people learn more about you then your message"..~toots sweet~

"As soon as my final say ain't the final say anymore, my relationship has ran its course"...~toots sweet~

 “The quicker you realize everything in Washington is done by design, the quicker you'll realize coincidence doesn't exist in politics”.. ~toots sweet~

"We are only EQUAL, when we are ALL EQUAL"..~toots sweet~

"Justifying failure with examples of failure always leads to failure"... ~toots sweet~

"There's a Superhero in all of us ,  hidden  behind  a mild mannered secret identity that only you can unleash"..  ~toots sweet~

"Achieving  an optimal balance in life, requires the perfect combination of those you can trust,  teach and learn from."..~toots sweet~

"Fear may be in the eye of the beholder,  but it's always exaggerated by an evil agenda".. ~toots sweet~

"You'll never be interested in the TRUTH, if the LIE makes you happy"~toots sweet~

"Those most out spoken for change are always the most satisfied with the preservation of the status quo".. ~toots sweet~

"Own every  choice you make with pride , with conviction and without excuses"…~toots sweet~

"Imperfections are beautiful when in perfect places"..~toots sweet~

"History is so important to understand for many reasons, but most importantly because EVIL always looks to repeat itself”.. ~toots sweet~

"The only crime worse than rape, is being falsely accused of a rape the so called victim knew never happened".. ~toots sweet~

"Give it your all to be all you can be , or kindly step aside and bow out gracefully"..~toots sweet~

"Watching liberals get mad and upset at Trump because he literally saved America from one of the biggest global SCAMS known to man by getting us the out of the Paris Climate Accord.. Is literally like watching some crazy doctor getting mad and upset with you because you just quit smoking"..~toots sweet~

 "Ideologues are just as predictable as the uneasy feeling associated with a drip from a faucet"..~toots sweet~

"Facts can't compete with personality in the art of persuasion"..~toots sweet~



“I understand ignorance is bliss, but how much stupidity are those on the left willing to endure just to be happy”. ~toots sweet~

“Only thing with more consequences resulting from winning an election, are the consequences resulting from CHEATING in an election”.  ~toots sweet~ 

 “MLK, Malcolm X, Abe Lincoln, Winston Churchill, JFK, Ronald Reagan & Donald Trump, ALL referred to the white liberal devil as the greatest threat to humanity”. ~toots sweet~

 “As Trump exceeded all expectations of greatness by all those who truly love America, so too did all those liberal morons who support democrats exceed the expectations of the abundant ignorance democrats rely on to survive”.. ~toots sweet~

“Has anyone else noticed whenever democrats cry, life in America always seems to be getting better”~toots sweet~ 

 “Democrats created an offensive environment where being offended by words is even more violent then physical violence they justify as necessary to silence all opposing thought & opinion they find offensive” .. ~toots sweet~

 “In this never ending battle between GOOD vs EVIL.. GOOD finds its strength by believing that the TRUTH will set you free, HONESTY’S the best policy & CHEATERS never WIN.  While EVIL relies solely on the caveat that GOOD guys always finish last”.. ~toots sweet~

"Happiness is when you are home all alone and you are all alone and happy"..~toots sweet

"Liberals are so underhanded, even the devil feels cheated by the very souls they've sold him"..~toots sweet~

"A message to those who identify as liberal.. The Nazis could have never caused all the devastation  they've caused without the blind devotion of their clueless followers.. ~toots sweet~ 

"A college education is like a placebo  o a world lacking in common sense"..~toots sweet~ 

"Speak your mind  with out fear or live in fear of speaking your mind".. ~toots sweet~ 

"Liberals are doing to America, what radical Islam is doing to the rest of the world" .. ~toots sweet~ 

"Only a fool believes a college diploma makes one more educated then those blessed with a natural  abundance of common sense" .. ~toots sweet~ 

"Liberals view politics through the personality of the politician, as opposed to the policy of the person"… ~toots sweet~ 

"The biggest obstacle liberals face, is the realization that real Americans love America"..~toots sweet~ 

"A college education  is like a placebo  to a world lacking  in  common sense"..~toots sweet~

"You can always teach people something, because most people no nothing".. ~toots sweet~

"The most painful wound of all is self inflicted".. ~toots sweet~

"As soon as your final say ain't final, everything you say from that point on is irrelevant "..~toots sweet~

"Weak minded people seek acceptance through fitting in with the masses and achieve power by belittling those who think for themselves".. ~toots sweet~

"When you're not happy unless you're mad about something, you're offended by everything"... ~toots sweet~

"Nationalism is a feeling of pride for ones country, where as democratic socialism is an ideological form of soft government slavery".~toots sweet~.

"Oil and vinegar might not mix but they sure do make for a good salad"..~toots sweet~

"I'd say liberals sold their collective soul to the devil, but first you need to possess the goods to barter"... ~toots sweet~

"Liberalism is the unrelenting invader of commonsense and the rule of law"..~toots sweet~

"When losing an argument, liberals resort to the race card in the same manner women resort to tears"..~toots sweet~

"Liberals preach peace, while promote class WAR-fare"..~toots sweet~

"History is important in understanding human behavior because nothing people have done  today hasn't already been done before"..~toots sweet~

"Happiness is when you're home alone and you're not lonely".. ~toots sweet~

"Through the years I've noticed an extremely telling trend when ever it comes to political violence, bigotry and hatred.. It seems that the Right always denounces it. The Left always embraces it. The liberal media  always exploits it and the clueless idiots always believe it! ~toots sweet~

"It seems liberals want Americans wish i could say i didn't know any better

"understand history and you'll understand liberalism"..~toots sweet~

"History is so important to understand for many reasons, but most importantly because EVIL always looks to repeats it".. ~toots sweet~

"If you don't like change don't stay in the same place to long"..~toots sweet~

"Every con artist  clever enough to fool the smartest of men, ONE TIME"..~toots sweet~

"Liberals are everything they accuse you of, and all things they claim they ain't"..~toots sweet~

"Politicians should spend less time in the bedroom and more time in the kitchen serving the public  they work for".. ~toots sweet~

"Politically correct liberals are the greatest threat to civilized humanity because not only do they want to take away the guns that protect us, but they want to censor our ability to speak out when we see something".. ~toots sweet~


"If you accuse me of something i did i'll deny it , if you accuse me of something i didnt do, i'll do it"..~toots sweet~

"What differentiates a man from a boy is not the ability to say or do something completely idiotic, but the maturity to accept responsibility for ones foolishness while being wise enough to make the proper adjustments"`toots sweet~

"Liberals are the emotionally unstable, easily manipulated Yin, to the logical reasonable comensical Yang"..~toots sweet~

"You only appear crazy to those who don't  understand you". ~toots sweet~

"Obama will continue to be  inspirational as long as he no longer has the ability to force his destructive policies on America"..  ~toots sweet~

"Before you can fix any problem you must first understand the mistakes made that caused the problem, then don't repeat them"..~toots sweet ~ 

"All my sweetest memories I can't remember"..~toots sweet~

"We don't need leaders to bring us together, we need leaders who don't pull us apart"..~toots sweet~

"You'll know when the world is running out of fossil fuel, when the oil company's start investing their money in wind mills,".. ~toots sweet~

"A political view doesnt make you a radical.. The way you act upon it does"..-toots sweet-

"Instead of mocking a bad situation, do your best to make it better”..~toots sweet~

"My situation is such that I'm singing songs that haven't been written"..~toots sweet~

"If not for intellectual dishonesty liberals would have no intellect at all"..~toots sweet~

 "Power is perceived through  envy,  jealousy and intimidation of others. Those who are not envious, jealous or intimidated by others are those who yield the most power"..~toots sweet~

"Desperation and a false sense of reality is what causes liberals to cling on to Fake News, like a battered wife clings on to her abusive husband".. ~toots sweet~

"John McCain is a modern day Benedict Arnold. Not because he's a traitor, but because he too was a American Hero before losing his way" ~toots sweet-

"Liberals wouldn't recognize reality if it bitch slapped them every morning and tucked them in every night".. ~toots sweet~

"The all loving liberals distain for America  goes so deep, the only way Trump will ever get any respect from the political Left, is if he starts burning the American Flagand spitting on our soldiers" ~toots sweet~

"The difference between Trump  and Obama, is Trump stands with the people fighting against the establishment. Obama was the establishment,  manipulating the people".. ~toots sweet~

"I never knew the extent of the hatred I felt towards my fellow man, until I turned on my TV and the liberal media told me so"... ~toots sweet~

"If you want to separate yourself from everyone else, just be yourself"..~toots sweet~

"Happiness is having something to look forward to"..~toots sweet~

 "The more you entertain stupidity, the more stupid, stupidity becomes". ~toots sweet~

 "One of the most important yet underrated characteristics to posses, is the ability to correctly judge the character of others"~toots sweet~

 "Once you brake it down there's only 2 types of people on earth.. The type who don't care what you say, as long as you say it politely.. And the type who don't care how you say it, as long as it's the TRUTH".. ~toots sweet~

"The cult of personality posses the ability to unite the masses against themselves, the Patriot posses the ability to unite the masses against an oppressive state"..~toots sweet~